• We bridge the gap between business, technology and people.

    • To achieve this, we compose teams of highly skilled professionals who are genuinely passionate about empowering you to fulfill your digital ambitions. We firmly believe that a successful digital transformation requires more than just adopting the latest technology; it necessitates equipping individuals in the organization with the tools and resources they need to take charge of their digital platform and drive their own success.

      We provide services that facilitate organizational change, build a digital future, and achieve user adoption. 

      Our approach is honest, transparent, and authentic, and we are 100% dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

Digital Change, Human Progress
  • Organizational Change

    We understand that change can be challenging, which is why we take a holistic approach to digital transformation. Our team works closely with each client to understand their culture, values, and goals. We then develop a plan that takes into account the organization's current state, desired future state, and the steps required to get there. Our goal is to create and execute a plan that aligns with our clients' values and culture, while also ensuring that the digital platform is effective and efficient.

  • Digital Strategy

    Bridge the gap between business strategy and digital transformation with our expert guidance. As executives, defining a digital strategy should be a top priority. Let us work with you to understand your objectives, assess your current technology and digital capabilities, and develop a customized plan to implement new technologies and improve existing ones. Our Digital Transformation Directors will support you every step of the way, from identifying the resources you need to measure the success of your initiatives. We work with and for you to create a strategy and roadmap that is tailored to your specific needs and goals, and that is scalable and sustainable over time.

  • User Adoption

    Probably the most ignored and yet most important part of any transformation is user adoption, in other words, how usefull and userfriendly is the new platform? 

    Our user adoption services include training, support, and ongoing engagement to help your users get up to speed quickly and effectively. We can help you develop customized training materials and programs, provide ongoing support to ensure that users have the resources they need to succeed, and track adoption metrics to measure the effectiveness of your initiatives.

    With our user adoption services, you can be confident that you are making the most of your technology investments, and that your users are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital age.

Reach new heights with us. As your digital mountain guide, we help navigate the complex terrain of change and reach your organizational goals. Digital transformation is more than just technology, it's a complete business revolution. Unlock growth, efficiency, and innovation with the power of technology - let us guide you there.

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  • Meet the experts

      • Ine Claes

      • Digital Transformation Coach
      • Business Analyst
      • Customer Service Expert
      • Change Agent
      • Dries Ongenae

      • Digital Transformation Consultant
      • Business Analyst
      • Project Manager
      • Power Platform Consultant
      • Tijmen Holt

      • Digital Transformation Consultant
      • Project Manager
      • Business Analyst
      • Solution Architect
      • Nathalie Maes

      • Digital Transformation Consultant
      •  Business Analyst
      •  Functional Analyst
      •  Application Support
      • Daniël Van den Broeck

      • Digital Transformation Director
      • Digital Strategist
      • Advisor to the board
      • International Program Manager
  • Ask Humaniti

        • Our Services

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              • Readiness Assessment

              • We see that many organizations struggle to successfully implement digital transformations. In fact, one of the most common reasons for failure is the lack of preparedness within the organization. That's why we offer a Readiness Assessment service that can help you determine your level of readiness and identify areas that need attention.

                Our digital transformation director will work with you to design an assessment that fits your unique business needs. We'll measure key elements such as your organizational culture, business process maturity, and health of your existing digital platform. We'll also evaluate your vision and success criteria for the transformation, as well as your digital future.

                The outcome of the Readiness Assessment will be a detailed report that provides you with a clear picture of your organization's degree of readiness for digital transformation. It will also include recommendations on how to address any areas that require attention.

                If you're considering embarking on a digital transformation journey, contact us today for a free intake. 

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              • Second opinion

              • Digital transformation can be a complex and challenging process, and even with the best planning and execution, unexpected issues and roadblocks can arise. In these situations, it's always a good idea to seek a second opinion from experts who can provide a fresh perspective and unbiased insights.

                At Humaniti, we understand the challenges of digital transformation and have experience working with organizations across a wide range of industries. Our team of experts can provide a second opinion on your digital transformation strategy and help identify areas where improvements can be made. 

                Whether you're just starting your digital transformation journey or have encountered unexpected challenges along the way, we're here to help. 

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              • Digital Future

              • It's important of having a clear business strategy that can be translated into a digital future plan. This plan can help organizations navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

                To create a digital roadmap, it's essential to identify different phases or horizons that can help guide the organization's digital transformation journey. These horizons are typically classified as horizon 1, 2, and 3, each representing a different level of digital maturity and sophistication.

                Horizon 1 represents the current state of the organization's digital capabilities. It involves identifying and optimizing existing digital tools and processes to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. 

                Horizon 2 involves expanding the organization's digital capabilities beyond the current state. This phase focuses on developing new digital products and services, leveraging emerging technologies that can enable new digital business models that can create new revenue streams.

                Horizon 3 represents the organization's future digital state, focusing on long-term innovation and disruption. This phase involves exploring new and emerging technologies and trends, developing new business models and revenue streams, and continuously iterating and experimenting to stay ahead of the curve.

                Contact us for more information of this approach.


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              • Discovery

              • Performing a comprehensive discovery phase is crucial for the success of any digital transformation project. While some technology providers may offer this service, it is recommended that your organization conducts this process in a holistic manner to ensure the best results.

                Our discovery service helps your organization identify pain points, assess technology candidates, define the phase approach, and evaluate your team's capability to embark on a digital transformation journey. By investing in a discovery phase, we can help you develop a clear and compelling business case that justifies the investment in a digital transformation initiative, leading to well-planned, well-executed, and successful outcomes.

                Did you know that Flanders co-invests in these discovery services?

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              • Organizational Change

              • Our organizational change management service helps businesses manage the human side of digital transformation. 

                We work with your team to develop a change management plan, enhance communication and collaboration, minimize disruption, and achieve your desired outcomes. Our experienced change managers empower your team to embrace change and allow them to truly benefit from the new technology.

              • 06
              • Project support

              • Unlike some other consulting firms we will also offer 'booths on the ground' support. If you're undergoing a digital transformation, you know that it can be a complex and time consuming process that involves many different tasks and challenges on your side. That's where our Project Support service comes in.

                Our experienced team can assist you with a range of tasks, including project management, data management and migration, test planning and user acceptance, training, and more. We work closely with you to understand your needs and goals, and we develop a customized plan to help you achieve success.

                With our Project Support service, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable partner to help you navigate the complexities of digital transformation.

              • 07
              • User adoption

              • Humaniti has also a service that focuses solely on the human aspect of digital transformation because technology should ultimately serve people and not the other way around.

                By focusing on the human aspect of digital transformation, Humaniti can help organizations achieve digital change while ensuring that human progress remains at the forefront by providing training, mentoring, boardroom advice, change management, and personal development.

        • What makes Humaniti unique?

              • 01
              • We are independent

              • At HumanITi, we value integrity, honesty and excellence. That's why we are proud to be 100% independent from any external influences or interests. We work solely for you, to provide unbiased advice and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

                We are not affiliated with any vendors, suppliers or competitors, so you can trust that our recommendations are based on objective analysis and research. 

                Whether you need help with strategy, innovation, transformation or execution, we are here to support you every step of the way. Curious to discover the difference of working with an independent consulting firm? Ask Humaniti.

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              • Technology-agnostic and savy

              • We believe that technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

                That's why we are technology-agnostic, meaning we can work with any platform, tool or framework that suits your needs and goals. 

                How do we do that? Thanks to our wide network of experts, who have diverse skills and experience in various domains and industries. Whether you need a new or upgrade for ERP, CRM, E-commerce, data analytics, low-code or anything else, we have the right people for the job. 

                No matter what technology you choose, we can help you make it work for you, right next to you.

              • 03
              • Human centric

              • At HumanITi, we believe that the ultimate goal and success factor of any digital change or transformation is user adoption. That's why we prioritize the human aspect of technology and create customized digital solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients. 

                We know that user adoption is critical to the success of any digital strategy, so we work hard to ensure that our solutions are user-friendly and easy to use. Our focus is on aligning our clients' digital strategies with their business goals, while also improving the overall experience for their customers and employees. Let us help you create a digital strategy that is not only effective but also user-friendly and adopted by your team.

    • What our clients say

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      • We needed assistance to streamline sales processes across five units for the company were I'm am the Group CIO. HumanITi conducted a detailed analysis, which included sales automation and customer management. With their expertise, we gained a clear understanding of the diverse needs of each unit and got their support in selecting the appropriate CRM solution for our group.
        • Marco
          • Marco Maraz
          • CIO Desmet
      • As Essentiel's CIO, I highly recommend Humaniti for their expertise in supporting our digital transformation. They conducted a thorough screening to help us determine our future strategy, resulting in a brand-new platform with seven new digital components. Humaniti also supported us in selecting the right external partners and building our internal teams necessary for a successful digital transformation. Thanks to Humaniti, we can achieve a significant growth in our online/offline sales and international expansion. We highly recommend their support & human(Iti) vision throughout our digital transformation process!
          • Johan De Decker
          • CIO Essentiel
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