Our Services

We can support the people, process and technology needs in your organization.

From boardroom to employee and back again.

From defining your business case to selecting the tools and partners.

From the very first idea to the full acceptance by organisation and customers.

Board room guidance

Board members don't always understand the impact on their digital strategy when they want to change or grow their business. We have a few very senior colleagues who can act as advisor to the board or even act as interim Chief Digital Officer. 

Together we can help to distil a Digital Strategy from the Business Strategy.

Process change guidance

Processes define how your organisation does what it needs to do to be successful. Unfortunately we often see that these processes are not aligned between the departments and people. Usually they have grown over the years and contain to many exceptions. 

Our Digital coaches help your team to streamline and update them again.

Digital Transformation guidance

Once the Digital Strategy and Roadmap is defined, the Business Processes are clear, the Technology platform is defined, you can start the transformation.

We can help you with all the tasks that are on your side:

  • workshops with the system integrator

  • preparing and performing testing

  • preparing and performing training

  • project management

  • project governance

Business model change guidance

Organizations are more than ever forced to adapt their Business Models to respond to changing markets, consumer needs or better competitors. Very often rigid processes and digital platforms are preventing organisations to quickly react to the changes. 

We have experts with expertise in your area of business who can help in translating your Business model ready to be digitalized.

Technology change guidance

We see too many organisations with complex, poorly integrated and outdated technology. Changing these platforms requires careful and expert handling. Too often we see that organisations believe that a new tool will solve all their problems, but they forget it has to fit in or replace a part of the old system.

We have Solution and Enterprise architects who can assist your IT team to redesign your actual platform to that new one you will need.

Organizational Change guidance

Did you know that 85% of all problems in a Digital Transformation are caused by people?

  • Unrealistic expectations and timing

  • Unclear business requirements

  • Resistance to Change

  • Company culture

We have all kind of experts (Change Managers, Management Mentors and Trainers) in our network that can help to minimize this negative impact.