Summit Europe 2020 in Barcelona - Session HumanITi_Willy Wonka

Title: The Willy Wonka Chocolates (ERP backbone) - Bringing the Willy Wonka story to real life case. Seeing is believing!

Description: Within this 3rd Willy Wonka Chocolates session we will blend reality with technology. We will be arriving on stage with a 3m refrigerator where we will be making handmade pralines on a marble :). During the tempering of the chocolate we will be translating this all to Business Central (Bill of Material, Production Orders, Scrap, Costprice calculation, flushing methods,...)

Attendees will get a real understanding about how business cases can be translated into technology. In order to show the full potential on technology and Vision & strategy we will be using the LEGO SeriousPlay method in order to achieve this.

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