CIGGYBOX a new start-up company in Antwerp "sustainability"

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Who are we?

CIGGYBOX is a company full of ambitious entrepreneurial students who are committed to sustainability. Students (Zoë Demarbaix, Anse Van Staay, Rik Jäckel, Kevin Alanso, Emiel Van Dijck, Stef Paulussen), Coachers (Peter Mistiaen, Sabine Huylenbroeck)

What's the idea?

We as a community want to improve the visibility of our storage locations. We see it every day, the streets are full of litter while there is a bin right next to you. The objective is to introduce a marketing campaign for companies giving them a wide visibility while changing a culture into eliminating loitering. A company will be given the possibility to be at the start of a revolutionary project, this can be done by displaying their product, logo, slogan or anything they want on our bins. To give these bins something extra we will provide them with your companies initials and add reflectors and illustrations to them giving them a great visibility at night.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to give companies the possibility to show the world they care, by being at the start of a project that could make the world a better place.

These are a few of the many examples and changes the world is going trough if you are not convinced about global warming.

• More and more rain is falling every day

• Extreme weather situations are becoming the standard

• The Arctic is becoming greener

• The cliffs we know from holiday snapshots are disappearing

• Our beaches are getting smaller

• Natural forest fires aren’t a rare occurrence anymore

• Animals and plants in the ocean are dying

• The polar bear, the arctic fox and the walrus are having a hard time

• Humans are disturbing the natural habitats in the oceans

• We are more often confronted with floods and might one day be in one ourselves

Created by:

- Students (Zoë Demarbaix, Anse Van Staay, Rik Jäckel, Kevin Alanso, Emiel Van Dijck, Stef Paulussen)
- Coachers (Peter Mistiaen, Sabine Huylenbroeck)


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