Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Peter Vanhamel express his love and gratitude for all the warm-hearted friends that made our day at Antwerp Central Station.

Something I started 3 years ago, by going with a pair of scissors to the Central Station and make beautiful hearted homeless people look even more amazing !

And being someone who has the most beautiful friends , made that on last sunday we had Antwerps finest in hairdressing Paul Peeters and Belinda van Hoorde next to me, wonderful support by the rest of my team Isis Van Coninckxloey, Patrick Verborgt, Oliver Cramm, Charlotte Felix, Gregory Lens, Sofie Meysman, Steven Grouls, yummie pumpkin soup by Gazette Antwerp, a ton of clothing by so many lovely donators, cleansing and tooth care packs, appetizers by Okay Antwerp, and last but not least all my friends that donated from everywhere around the world on my fundraising.

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